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                                                                                       Photo by Bridget Elliot

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Photo by Bridget Elliot

What the press says ...

“Comfortable and adroit, McGuire gave a stunning performance”
Felicity Clark RealTime June 2012

“His understanding and mastery of this treacherous instrument allowed the listener to savour interpretations which were the last word in musicianship.”
Neville Cohn The West Australian January 2009

“The musical direction, under harpist Marshall McGuire, was meticulous…”
Gillian Wills The Australian July 2007

“…the precise sounds of Marshall McGuire’s classical harp. The results are astonishingly beautiful.”
Bruce Elder Sydney Morning Herald June 2004

“…Marshall McGuire, pensive and perfect in Einaudi’s Stanze…”
Gretchen Miller RealTime December 2001

“…[Britten’s A Ceremony of Carols] [the] mingling of frosty treble timbres and the throb and tingling silkiness of an expert harp were an invitation to delight.”
- Roger Covell Sydney Morning Herald Huntington Festival December 5 2001

“…music by Ludovico Einaudi glows in the hands of harpist Marshall McGuire.”
- Jill Sykes Sydney Morning Herald 24 September 2001

“ …Marshall McGuire put his considerable skill at the services of Donatoni’s wry Marches and Berio’s Sequenza II…”
-Clive O’Connell The Age Melbourne May 2001

“The Australian harpist Marshall plainly a musician of exceptional imagination and flair, reflected in his choice of music as well as in his superbly assured playing.”
- Stephen Pettitt The Times London January 1994

“A new school of harp music is emerging from the enterprise of this innovative master performer.”
- Tristram Cary The Australian March 1996

“McGuire, a real star...”
- Richard Toop Sydney Review

“...this harp series is a rare experience, one to treasure”.
- Keith Gallasch RealTime Adelaide Festival 1996

“...a performer of exceptional musicality and precision.”
- Peter McCallum Sydney Morning Herald

CD Reviews

The Twentieth-Century Harp

"McGuire's playing throughout is a model mixture of tonal clarity, virtuosic brilliance and intelligent musical sensibility…"
- Peter McCallum Sydney Morning Herald 7 December 2002

"In John Cage's In a Landscape, Mr McGuire achieves an exquisite sense of meditative timelessness…"

"Through his repertoire and performance, Mr McGuire has succeeded in transporting his listener to a place that transcends geographic, the stylistic, and the temporal. He deserves his reputation as one of Australia's foremost harpists."
- Sarah Grunstein Music Forum February-March 2003

"Well recorded and presented, this is one of the most appealing Australian offerings of 2002"
- The Age Melbourne October 2002

"Marshall McGuire is a mighty fine plucker of harp strings -undoubtedly right up there with the world's premier practitioners"
- Melbourne Herald Sun October 2002

Rough Magic

"The day I heard Jimmy Page playing electric guitar was the day I abandoned hope of doing the same professionally. I reckon Marshall McGuire will have a similar impact on the ranks of wannabe classical harp players. He dramatically ups the ante with his amazing virtuosity."
- Chris Boyd, Australian Financial Review 19-20 February 2000

"Rough Magic is a seductive sound world."
- Melbourne Star Observer 30 July 1999

Spring Sea – Music of Dreams [nominated 2000 ARIA award]

"These beautiful performances transcend cultures."
- Anthony Clarke, The Bulletin 20 September 2000

"…masterly and entirely compelling."
- Phil Brown, Courier Mail Brisbane 20 May 2000

On a Poet's Lips

"[Jane Edwards and Marshall McGuire] delight with a sense of serene wonder."
- Db Magazine October 1999

Awakening [nominated 1996 ARIA award]

"Few recordings lately have given me as much pleasure as McGuire's – it's thoughtfully-programmed, well-recorded and the playing is simply exquisite."
- Lyle Chan, Soundscapes Vol3 No3 June 1996

"McGuire's playing serves his composers with an almost ideal blend of technical sureness and interpretative sympathy."
- Roger Covell, Sydney Morning Herald 26 February 1996

"McGuire's playing is bold and vivid."
"[Barry Conyngham's Streams] is a fitting conclusion to a disc that leaves me wanting to go back to the beginning each time I hear it."
- Andrew Ford, 24 Hours January 1996

The Birth of Venus

" Bist du bei mir is, under McGuire's fingers, transformed into something quite masterly. That is the word for this CD - and for everything that McGuire does."
- John Carmody, The Sun-Herald 7 February 1999